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Allowable Pressure P (under high load applications) N/mm2 Allowable Velocity V (under high speed condition) m/s Glitron S Glitron SE 88-03 Glitron F Lutech S 80 88-02/-71 Lutech E Lutech GP 480 81-20 83-24/-90 81-12 Fiberflon FW Fiberflon TR Fiberflon OH 0 1 2 3 Fiberflon FW Fiberflon TR Fiberflon OH 480 83-90 80 88-71 88-02 Glitron S Glitron SE 83-24 88-03 Lutech E Lutech GP Glitron F Lutech S 81-12 81-20 0 25 50 100 100 Mating material: metal Mating material: metal 23Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter Product Product Name Allowable max pressure P N/mm2 okgf/cm2p Allowable max velocity V m/s om/minp Allowable max PV value N/mm2E m/s okgf/cm2E m/minp Temperature range oFp Oiles 80 17.5 o179p 0.85 o51p 2.45 o1,500p |40 ` {80 o|40 ` {176p Oiles Pillow 80 2.0 o21p Intermittent operation 0.40 o24p Intermittent operation 0.50 o306p |20 ` {60 Continuous operation o|4 ` {140p 0.25 o15p Continuous operation 0.30 o184p Oiles PS bearings Allowable pressure W Nokgfp 11,700`49,000 o1,194`5,000p Allowable rotation N s|o1 rpmp 4.00`1.50 o240`90p Allowable max. WNvalue NEs|o1 kgEf rpmp 1,470`2,450 o9,000`15,000p |40 ` {80 o|40 ` {176p Oiles Lutech S 5.0 o51p 1.65 o99p 2.45 o1,500p |40 ` {80 o|40 ` {176p Oiles Lutech E 9.81 o100p 0.83 o50p 0.327 o200p |40 ` {80 o|40 ` {176p Conductive Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act of Japan Lead free Scope of Application@The value shown below is obtained in shaft rotation condition in the atmosphere. Defi nition of Lubrication Condition i1jDry, lubrication-free Grease or oil is not used at all. A small quantity of grease or oil is applied at the time of assembly. i2jPeriodic lubrication, periodic greasing Oil or grease is periodically supplied to the sliding surface. i3jOil lubrication and forced lubrication Oil or grease is always supplied to the sliding surface, such as oil bath, dripping lubrication, splashing lubrication, forced lubrication, etc. Values of the typical grade Selection Guide