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Oiles 300 Bushings Thin wall Press-fitting Housing chamfer For the housing chamfer, either a round chamfer or a tapered chamfer is recommended. In case of a C-surface chamfer, (more than C1.0) make sure there is no burr. Smoother press-fitting is possible by applying small amount of grease or lubricant. Press-fit force Press-fit smoothly with hydralic (pressure), pneumatic pressure, or a vice. Avoid press-fit by use of impact such as use of a hammer. It might induce damage of the bushing, or change the size of the inner diameter after press-fit. Press-fitting jig Generally, as shown in the figure 1, a mandrel is used for the press-fitting. However use of a guide ring facilitates easier press-fitting. Use of a guide ring prevents damage of a bushing at the time of press-fitting. The dimension of a guide ring should be calculated from the table below. Inner diameter of the guide ring should be the size so that the bushing can be inserted by hands. Length of the guide ring should be more than one-third of the bushing, or if possible, it should be the same length as the bushing. Dimension of bushing I.D. D0 O.D. D1 Length L Dimension of mandrel d0=D0−(0.05 to 0.10) d1=D1−(0.20 to 0.30) R≧L The dimension of mandrel should be calculated from table below. Load Load Mandrel Bushing Guide ring Housing Regular press-fitting Press-fitting with guide ring L R D0 d0 d1 D1 The dimension of guide ring should be calculated from table below. Bushing I.D. Up to φ20 Guide ring O.D. D1+(10 to 15) Guide ring I.D. D1+(0.1 to 0.3) Figure 1 Figure 2 D1+(10〜15) D1+(0.1〜0.3) Mandrel Bushing Guide ring 258 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le