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WHAT ARE AIR BEARINGS? Advantages of OAB (Oiles Air Bearings) Forms of General Air Bearings Pore Diffusion joining Supply air is distributed in porous material. Structure of air bearing Solid lubricant Compensation form Porous Surface Orifice Inherent-orifice Low Rigid and load capacity High Air supply groove/hole Machined small holes Image Porous compensation Air supply groove/hole Oiles Air Bearing Air supply groove/hole Orifice compensation Air supply groove/hole Originally developed porous material allows optimum compensation. Demonstrates high load performance and high bearing rigidity. High Performance Customization . The flow rate may be adjusted easily by material design. High-rigidity types, high-speed types and other various types may be made according to applications. . May be made in various shapes. Safety Oil-less bearings are hard to seize even under the solid body contact condition, feature superior safety, and are easy to handle. Economical The OAB can reduce the flow rate remarkably in comparison with inherent-orifice or orifice compensations, resulting in air source saving and running cost reduction. Environment Air film is produced between the shaft and bearing to achieve non-contact movement. This yields various advantages. The OAB is free from stick slip caused by solid friction and applicable to high-speed rotation and features high precision due to averaging effect of air. It is applicable to high temperature. Image High-Performance and Compact OAB (Oiles Air Bearings) Featuring High Accuracy, High-Speed and Very Low Friction Surface compensation Inherent-orifice compensation The OAB is applicable to clean rooms. Air supply groove 269Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter Cut surface Air supply groove Back metal Porous sintered alloy