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Allowable load Allowable Moment Static allowable load: Allowable load when it is born in the stationary condition or at quite low speed near stopping (not more than 0.0017 m/s [0.1 m/min.]) Dynamic allowable load: Allowable load in the condition with sliding speed of 1.0 m/so60 m/minpor less. Do not use STC20 in lateral or hanging position. 2 tables on 1 rail 4 tables on 2 rails Allowable Velocity Service Range Parts No. STC20 STC28 STF28 STF38 STF48 Type Upright Allowable load@Nokgfp Table position Static Dynamic Static Dynamic Static Dynamic Static Dynamic 10,800o1,100p 3,430o 350p 17,700o1,800p 5,880o 600p 31,400o3,200p 10,800o1,100p 44,100o4,500p 14,700o1,500p Lateral Hanging 4,410o 450p 1,470o 150p 7,850o 800p 2,650o 270p 13,700o1,400p 4,410o 450p 3,920o 400p 1,270o 130p 7,360o 750p 2,450o 250p 11,800o1,200p 3,920o 400p . . . . Cases Mp Allowable moment@NEmokgfEmp Moment direction 1 rail 2 tables 2 rails 4 tables 1 rail 2 tables 2 rails 4 tables 1 rail 2 tables 2 rails 4 tables 1 rail 2 tables 2 rails 4 tables 49o 5p 588o 60p~i1{iL2|TLjj 200o 20p 2,550o260p~i1{iL2|TLjj 320o 33p 4,900o500p~i1{iL2|TLjj 490o 50p 7,850o800p~i1{iL2|TLjj Mr My 15o 1.5p 588o 60p~L1 20o 2.0p 2,550o260p~L1 30o 3.0p 4,900o500p~L1 40o 4.0p 7,850o800p~L1 44o 4.5p 1,370o140p~L2 180o 18p 2,940o300p~L2 290o 30p 5,100o520p~L2 440o 45p 8,830o900p~L2 Seal Friction Fs Lubrication conditions Dry Periodical lnbrication Allowable max velocity 0.5m/so30m/minp 1.0m/so60m/minp Remarks . Apply lubrication every 10 km of sliding Parts No. Fs STC20 9.8No1.0kgfp STC28 12No1.2kgfp STF28 12No1.2kgfp STF38 15No1.5kgfp STF48 18No1.8kgfp Greasing is needed if the stroke is 1 meter or more or the allowable wear amount is small. L1 L2 TL Mp Mr My Mr Mp My 276 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le