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Optional Parts Applicable to S and SE Types Bellows exclusive for slide shifters The S and SE types incorporate Oiles bearings on the sliding surfaces and have superior foreign matter resistance. It is recommended to use the exclusive bellows if higher resistance is required. A heat-resistant bellows is also available. Caps for covering up bolt holes on guide rails Exclusive caps for preventing dust, etc. from entering the bolt holes for mounting the guide rail are available. Component Parts for Bellows Exclusive for Slide Shifters 15mm or more Bellows fixing bolt Name Flexible bellows Fix bellows Slide Plate Clamp Plate End Plate No. @ A B C Material Neoprene rubber + nylon cloth PVC SPCC SPCC Rail A Table @Fix @Flexible C B B Bolt hole Cap for Guide Rails Parts No. Rails GR20、28、GRE20、28 GR38 GR48 Bolt hole Cap for Guide Rails Bolt Size M6 M8 M10 CP-6 CP-8 CP-10 ■CP-6(for M6) ■CP-8(for M8) ■CP-10(for M10) 0.4 4-R0.5 0.4 R0.5 2-R0.3 0.5 4-R0.5 φ11.1 3.8 φ17.6 φ18.4 φ15.3 4.7 φ14.1 φ14.8 φ12 3.7 Exclusive bolt hole cap (plastic) is available to keep out the dust from bolt holes. ※Determine the positions of the bolts for fixing the rail at both ends when using the 38J or 48J as shown below. ※Press fit the cap with a plastic hammer. ※Fit CP-6 in the clearance between the rail and the bolt, and twist it to tie up. 283Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter