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Product Identification for Exclusive Bellows for Slide Shifters 20J 28J 38J 48J Parts No. 45~30 90~50 110~65 140~82 W~H h1 52~32 60~40 80~52 101~67 Bellows size WJ~HJ Stroke 5 5 7 10 under 1100 under 1100 under 1300 under 1300 Stroke 3.5 3.5 5.5 7.5 14 26 36 50 h2 8 1 1 3 W1 37 44 58 74 RH 22 32 42 52 R1 6 8 10 12 R2 10 18 24 30 N M3~10 M3~10 M4~12 M6~12 M M4~8 M4~8 M5~10 M6~10 Applicable tables STC20 STE20 STC28 STF28 STE28 STFE28 STF38 STF48 1100 or more 1100 or more 1300 or more 1300 or more Length of Bellows (L min=Shortened length, L max=Expanded length) In case of expansion ratio A L min= S AL max=L min~A A|1 In case of expansion ratio B Using bellows at both ends Using bellows at one end L min= S AL max=L min~B B|1 L min= L|S|.1 2 Total length of guide rail when using bellows Expansion ratio B is the ratio when more than 2 bellows are used by connecting together. End plate of 20J sticks out 8mm from the table surface. Mounting screw hole on the guide rail for bellows is optional. S: Stroke A, B: Expansion ratio of bellows L max: Expanded length of bellows L min: Shortened length of bellows .1: Table length .2: Fix bellows length L: Rail length W1 WJ 4-N W h1 RH R1 R2 HJ h2 H 2-Miscrew holej Stroke: S=400mm Expansion ratio: A=5 Table length: .1=300mm Fix bellows length: .2=140mm Required rail length: L1 Standard rail length: L2=1000mm STF28 Flexible Bellows Put T for heat-resistant bellows Shortened length of bellows (Lmin) Bellows expansion ratio AFB 28J - A - 100 - T Fix Bellows Put T for heat-resistant bellows Length of fixed bellows 28JK - 140 - T Parts No. Parts No. L max .2 L min L min .1 L Calculating formula Calculation example Expression of calculating the bellows length is L min= L min = =100mm Required rail length L1=iL min~2j{S{.1 L1 =i100~2j{400{300=900mm Bellows length L min when using standard rail length L2 (1000mm) L min=i1000|400|300j/2=150mm L=iL min~2j{S{.1 L=L min{S{.1 In case of standard guid rails, L min dimension needs to be adjusted. S A|1 400 5|1 Expansion ratio A Expansion ratio B CAUTION 284 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le