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Tighten the bolts of the rail from one side or from the center to the right and left in sequence. ●Joining guide rails Fix the guide rails with the grooves with the datum marks on the same side. The distance A between the mounting hole and end face is machined with a minus tolerance and accordingly the joint has a clearance. However, the clearance causes no bad influences. ■Connecting Guide Rails ■Cautions ■Clearance Adjusting Method (S Type) @Loosen the pull bolts on the side with mark  (on the grease nipple side) sufficiently. (See Fig. 6.) A A From one side From center From both sides ○:Correct ×:Wrong ATighten the push bolts lightly, check the clearance zero condition, press reversely by approximately 20 to 30°, and return the bolts. (See Fig. 7.)  For fine adjustment, retry adjustment in the order of Fig. 7 and Fig. 8. Clearance is increased or decreased by adjusting the degree of loosing the bolts shown in Fig. 7. Push bolts (Fig. 7) by approx. 20° to 30°. Tighten lightly and loosen STC20 STC28・STF28 STF38 STF48 1.47N・m{15kgf・cm} 1.96N・m{20kgf・cm} 2.45N・m{25kgf・cm} 2.94N・m{30kgf・cm} Recommended tightening torque Pull bolts Loosen. (Fig. 6) BTighten the pull bolts. Clearance becomes 0.03 to 0.05 mm. (Fig. 8.)  NOTE: Tighten the pull bolts until the spring washers collapse. However, do not tighten them more strongly. Pull bolts Tighten. (Fig. 8) Grooves for the datum side Clearance 286 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le Clearance adjusting side mark side (S Type only) Shift table datum surface