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Oiles Slide Shifter BA Type BTSA BGS/BGSP Aluminum housing i@@ j Service Range Component PartsEAccuracy Name Housing Guide Bushings No. @ A Material Aluminum Oiles metal Component Parts Allowable Velocity Lubrication conditions Dry Allowable max velocity 0.65m/so39m/minp A 0.03 A L 0 |0.3 A @ Allowable Load Static and Dynamic Allowable Load for shift Tables N {kgf} Allowable static load: Allowable load when it is born in the stationary condition or at quite low speed @near stopping (not more than 0.0017 m/s [0.1 m/min.]) Allowable dynamic load: Allowable load in the condition with sliding speed of 1.0m/so60m/minpor less. Shaft Hollow shaft Parts No. Allowable static load Allowable dynamic load Parts No. Allowable static load Allowable dynamic load BTSA6-25 BTSA6-50 BTSA8-25 BTSA8-50 BTSA10-25 BTSA10-50 BTSA12-30 BTSA12-50 BTSA16-30 BTSA16-50 BTSA20-50 BTSA20-75 BTSA25-50 BTSA25-75 BTSA30-50 BTSA30-75 206No21kgfp 206No21kgfp 275No28kgfp 382No39kgfp 441No45kgfp 588No60kgfp 706No72kgfp 853No87kgfp 941No 96kgfp 1,410No144kgfp 1,410No144kgfp 2,350No240kgfp 1,764No180kgfp 2,940No300kgfp 2,116No216kgfp 3,530No360kgfp 69No 7kgfp 69No 7kgfp 88No 9kgfp 127No13kgfp 147No15kgfp 196No20kgfp 235No24kgfp 284No29kgfp 314No 32kgfp 471No 48kgfp 471No 48kgfp 785No 80kgfp 588No 60kgfp 981No100kgfp 705No 72kgfp 1,180No120kgfp Unusable under the condition of water, splashing water and high humidity. 293Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter