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Oiles Slide Shifter BC TypeiCompact typej BTC BH/BHS BGS/BGSP Shaft Hollow shaft Service Range 1.5No0.15kgfp 11.8No 1.2kgfp 2.0No0.20kgfp 11.8No 1.2kgfp 2.5No0.25kgfp 14.7No 1.5kgfp 2.9No0.30kgfp 14.7 No 1.5kgfp 3.9No0.40kgfp 16.7No 1.7kgfp 4.9No0.50kgfp 16.7No 1.7kgfp Allowable Velocity Seal Friction Fs / Metal Scraper Friction Ms Lubrication conditions Dry Periodical lubrication Allowable max velocity 0.5m/so30m/minp 1.0m/so60m/minp Remarks . Apply lubrication every 10 km of sliding Parts No. Fs Ms BTC16 BTC20 BTC25 BTC30 BTC40 BTC50 Greasing is needed if the stroke is 1 meter or more or the allowable wear amount is small. Component PartsEAccuracy h1}0.02 TH}0.03 Unit height H1}0.02 E @ A B CD Datum surface W}0.05 dH7 Name Shift table Dust seal Guide shaft BGS Guide shaft BGSP Shaft holder Shaft fixing bolt Grease nipple No. @ A B C D E Material FC250{Oiles metal NBR S45C{hard chrome-plated STKM13A{hard chrome-plated FCD450 @ . A-M6F Component Parts Use BGS or BGSP standard guide shaft (P.307) or d e7 tolerance shaft. 295Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter