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Service Range Seal Friction Fs / Metal Scraper Friction Ms Test data Allowable Velocity BBFK16 BBFK25 BBFK30 BBFK35 BBFK40 BBFK50 1.5No0.15kgfp 11.8No 1.2kgfp 3.9No0.40kgfp 16.7No 1.7kgfp 4.9No0.50kgfp 16.7No 1.7kgfp 3.5No0.36kgfp 15.7No 1.6kgfp 2.9No0.30kgfp 14.7No 1.5kgfp 2.5No0.25kgfp 14.7No 1.5kgfp 2.0No0.20kgfp 11.8No 1.2kgfp BBFK20 Lubrication conditions Dry Periodical lubrication Allowable max velocity 0.5m/so30m/minp 1.0m/so60m/minp Remarks . Apply lubrication every 10 km of sliding Greasing is needed if the stroke is 1 meter or more or the allowable wear amount is small. W=588N @{60kgf} Stroke 200mm 330mm BBFK30-150 BGS30-400 Parts No. Fs Ms Reciprocating motion test Testing conditions Type: BBFK30-150 two guide units BGS30-400 dual-axis Load: 588N {60kgf} Moment load: 195NEm {19.8kgfEm} Velocity: 0.13m/s {8m/min} Stroke: 200mm Sliding distance: 400km Result Wear amount on bushing: 0.105mm on shaft: 0.013mm Coefficient of friction: 0.10`0.25 Temperature of friction: 35`53 316 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Guide Units Information Corporate Profi le