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Dimension Table of Optional Parts Applicable to BK Type ■Metal Scraper (MS) ●Use the metal scraper (MS standard) to remove welding sputters adhered to the guide shaft, stuck grease, etc. ●The metal scraper causes no damages to the guide shaft, since it is a coil scraper made of phosphor bronze. ●The metal scraper may also be used with the SPB bushings. ■Stopper (ST) ●The stopper (ST standard) is a part used for positioning by butting the end of the sleeve body of the shifter. It is quenched and its accuracy will not deteriorate. Measurement Table/Product Identification for Ordering ■ When Using Alone ■ When using optional part for product φd1 25 30 36 41 46 56 L1 4.9 4.9 3.9 4.9 5.3 5.3 φD 28 33 40 45 50 62 φd 20 25 30 35 40 50 φD1 43.5 53.5 64.5 74.5 79.5 94.5 Metal scraper (MS)※ Stopper (ST) Applicable guide φD2 35 42 52 59 65 78 T 79 10 12 13 15 BBFK20 BBFK25 BBFK30 BBFK35 BBFK40 BBFK50 M 2-M4 2-M5 2-M6 2-M6 2-M8 2-M8 MS20 MS25 MS30 MS35 MS40 MS50 Parts No. ST20 ST25 ST30 ST35 ST40 ST50 Parts No. ※Press-fit hole tolerance should be φD Js7 and applicable shaft diameter tolerance should be φde7 to h7, if the metal scraper is used alone. ※For the dust seal (DS), see page 305. Stopper (optional) No symbol: None SW: Both ends SF: Flange end only SS: Sleeve end only Metal scraper (MS) No symbol: None MS: Both ends BBFK 20 - 100 - MS - SW Example: When I.D. is 20 mm and length is 100 mm Parts No. MS 20 ■Metal Scraper (MS) ■Stopper Example: When I.D. is 20 mm Parts No. Example: When I.D. ST 20 is 20 mm Parts No. Metal scraper (MS) Stopper (ST) L1 T±0.05 M φd1 φD2 φD1 φD Nominal diameter φd Oiles metal with metal scraper assembled (        ) Dust seal (DS) Dust seal Metal scraper Stopper Specify by Specify by Specify by 318 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Guide Units Information Corporate Profi le