bearing   325 / 392



■If the point of the drive source is apart from the shift tables Bottom Top P P If the position of drive source P is apart from the rail surface by .2, of .2/.1 exceeds 1.67 when the coefficient of friction μ is 0.3, resulting in malfunctioning. Take the allowable moment load into consideration and reduce .2/.1 below 1.5. .2 .1 .2 .1 ■If the shift table installation position is apart or the point of the drive source is apart .1 .2 P F1 n n F2 P1 P2 If the .2/.1 ratio of dual-axis parallel rails is large, the couple of the drive source P and resistance F1 and F2 becomes large and the slide shifter works improperly. Reduce .2/.1 below 3. As the point of the drive source becomes apart from the center, the condition becomes worse. Synchronize the drive source with P1 and P2 if .2/.1 is inevitably larger than 3 for reasons of the structure. ■If the installation base has low accuracy t t Slide shifter installation base Level Shim Shim Do not select the S type if the parallelism t exceeds 0.3. Select the B type if the parallelism t exceeds 0.3. Insert shims under the shaft holders to adjust them. After adjustment, check the parallelism with a level, straight edge, clearance gauge, etc. To Prevent Malfunctioning Technical Information of Slide Shifters 324 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le