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On Design Design and required performance features Determination of recommended Oiles bearings Determination of rough layout Determine I.D., O.D., length of the bearing, material of the mating shaft and lubrication method. Selection of primary material Study whether each design factor falls within each allowable limit. Then decide the material. Confirmation of existing data and characteristics of the bearing Confirm initial characteristics based on the test data and verify estimated service life and durability of the bearing. Study of application condition Study allowable P,V, PV value, operating motion, frequency, availability of oiling, environmental conditons, temperature, foreign particles, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Study dynamic load,static load, impact load, static stress and impact strength. Confirmation of application environment and design specifications Special enviroment: high/low temp.,underwater, chemical liquid Attention should be paid to special environment. Study of configuration design, detail design and standard products Confirm and verify material, strength, rigidity, accuracy of housing and the mating shaft. Confirm and verify bearing accuracy, clearance, oil grooves and oil holes. Study restictons on bearing material manufacturing. Study possibility of standard products. YES NO ■P / V / PV value : Contact pressure P which is obtained by dividing maximum load (w) by projected loading area. (φdxL) : Relative velocity between the bearing and the mating shaft. : Product of the contact pressure P and the velocity V. This is the most important value in selecting bearing. These values are not independent allowable values but are interrelated design values. When designing, values should fall under the range as shown in this graph. Each value should be obtained based on the formula listed on the next page. Allowable PV value Allowable max.PV value Service range P V Pmax. Vmax. For customized products and inquires, please contact an Oiles representative. P V PV value Normal environment: room temp, atmospheric air Allowable max. PV value < allowable max. contact pressure : P max. × allowable max. velocity : V max. Selection and Design of Oiles Bearings 335Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter