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A : Excellent B : Good C : fair D : no resistance . : No data Corrosion resistance 40% to 80% Sulfuric acid 80% to 95% Sulfuric acid Hydrochloric acid Nitric acid Phosphoric acid Chromic acid Lactic acid Hydrogen peroxide Chlorine (moist) Chlorine (dry) Ammonia (moist) Ammonia (dry) Ferrous chloride Calcium chloride Sulfur (moist) Sulfur (dry) Calcium Hydroxide Methanol Acetone Toluene Carbon tetracholoride (moist) Carbon tetracholoride (dry) Ethylene glycol Crude oil Heavy oil Lubricating oil Animal oil Vegetable oil Gasoline Kerosene Lacquer Water Sea water D D D D D D D D . . B B D C C C B B B B D D C B B A . C B B C C D B C C D B D B B C A D A B B D B A A A A B A A B A A A A A A A A B B C C D B D B B C A D A B B D B A A A A B A A B A A A A A A A A B D D D D D D D C D A D A D D D A B A A A D A B C B A A A A A A B C Classification Metallic bearings Base metal High strength brass cast Bronze cast Aluminum bronze Cast iron This table describes characteristics of each base material. Characteristics may vary depending on the filler mixed. For actual selection, please ask an Oiles representative. Oil, grease, and others Solvent Alkaline Acid Product 500SP 500B 500AB 500F 358 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le Technical Information