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Design Materials Unit Conversion Table This catalog shows values in the conventional units in parentheses as the second stage of introducing the SI unit system specified in JIS. The table below shows the conversion expressions of the SI units and other major units. Quantity Conversion formula Length Mass Force Stress Velocity Rotational frequency Cycle speed Angle Temperature Viscosity Kinetic viscosity Work, energy, thermal Thermal conductivity Specific heat 1mm=0.03937in, 1in=25.400mm 1kg=2.2046 lb, 1lb=0.45359kg 1N=1.01972×10−1kgf, 1kgf=9.80665N 1N=0.22481lbf, 1lbf=4.4483N 1N/mm2=1MPa=1.01972×10kgf/cm2 1kgf/cm2=9.80665×10-2N/mm2 1N/mm2=145.00psi, 1psi=0.00690N/mm2 1m/s=60m/min, 1m/min=0.01667m/s 1m/s=196.850f/min, 1f/min=0.00508m/s 1s-1=60rpm, 1rpm=0.01667s-1 1s-1=60cpm, 1cpm=0.01667s-1 1rad=   , 1°=   rad °F= +32, °C= (°F−32) 1Pa・S=1×10P, 1P=1×10-1Pa・S 1m2/s=1×104St, 1St=1×10-4m2/s 1J=1W・S=1N・m=1.01972×10-1kgf・m=2.38889×10-4kcal 1kcal=4.2858×102kgf・m=4.18605×103N・m=4.18605×103W・S=4.18605J 1W/(m・k)=8.6000×10-1kcal/(h・m・°C) 1kcal/(h・m・°C)=1.16279W/(m・k) 1J/(kg・K)=2.38889×10-4kcal/(kg・°C) 1kcal/(kg・°C)=4.18605×103J/(kg・K) π 180 9×°C 5 59 180° π International System of Units (SI) An international unified unit system adopted and recommended in the 11th International Conference of Weights and Measures in 1960 for international unification of the metric MKS system and yard-pound unit system. 359Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter