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379Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter Corporate Chronology 1939 gJapan Oilless Bearing Research Laboratoryh established by Sozo Kawasaki (1907-1977). Production and sales of gOilless Bearingsh began. 1952 Establishment of gNippon Oilless Bearing Research and Development Co., Ltd.h 1954 Kamata Plant established in Tokyo 1961 Osaka Plant established in Osaka 1962 Yamato Plant established in Kanagawa Prefecture Production and sales of gOiles Bridge Bearingsh began 1966 Name of company changed to gOiles Industry Co., Ltd.h 1967 Headquarters of company transferred to Fujisawa Plant established in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture 1970 Production and sales of gOiles Drymeth. Shiga Plant established in Shiga Pref. 1971 Oiles 500SP successfully tested at Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Dept. of the Interior. 1973 Received Okochi Memorial Prize for the Oiles 80. Production and Sales of gCable Operatorh commenced. 1974 gOiles Pipe Supportsh utilized in construction of Trans-Alaska pipeline. 1976 gOiles America Corporationh established in Michigan U.S. 1977 gOiles Tribomet GmbHh established in Germany. 1981 Delivery of gWear Platesh to General Motors, U.S. 1983 Ohita Plant established in Ohita Pref. 1986 U.S. plant opened in Plymouth, MI 1987 The earthquake isolation structured Technical Center completed in the Fujisawa Plant. 1988 gTaiwan Oiles Corporationh established in Taiwan 1989 Registration of Oiles stock to the Japan Securities Dealers Association as an issue on the over-thecounter market 1991 U.S. plant relocated to Concord, NC 1993 Ashikaga Plant established in Tochigi Pref. Production and sales of gOiles Floor Isolation System & Oiles Seismic Damping Wallh 1994 Oiles Corporation listed on the Second division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 1995 gMenshin Engineering Co., Ltd.h established. 1997 The ascension of Oiles Corporation to the First division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 1998 gShanghai Oiles Bearing Inc.h established in China. 1999 Delivery of Oiles 500SP Three Gorges, China. 2000 Delivery of Oiles Cam Units to General Motors, U.S. 2002 gOiles (Thailand) Company Limitedh established in Thailand. 2003 gOiles Czech Manufacturing s.r.o.h established in Czech. 2004 gOiles Canada Corporationh established in Canada. 2005 gOiles Suzhou Corporationh established in China 2005 gOiles France SASh established in France. 2011 gOiles India Private Limitedh established in India 2013 gOiles India Private Limitedh plant established in Neemrana.