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PLASTIC BEARINGS 48 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le Oiles Glitron SE Polyphenylene sulfi te bearings with fi ller P.105 Oiles 50 Polyurethane bearings P.113 Oiles Aramid M/F1 Aromatic polyamide bearings P.115 Electrically conductive. Standard products suitable for miniature bearings. The Oiles Glitron SE series are conductive versions of the Oiles Glitron S. They contain special additive to off er good sliding characteristics. ■ Serviceable completely without the need for lubrication. Features a small diff erence between the static and dynamic coeffi cient of friction and off ers stable friction characteristics. ■ Applicable to wide temperature ranges from low to high temperatures. ■ Soft metal (such as aluminum) may be used as mating shafts. ■ Has superior dimensional stability, allowing precision designs. Has good mass productivity. ■ Has antistatic-level conductivity. ■ The standard products in various sizes applicable to miniature bearings are available. Has n o i s e s u p p r e s s i n g a n d v i b r at i o n - p r o o f characteristics. Tolerates abrasive wear. The Oiles 50 series are elastomer products made of thermo-plastic polyurethane with various additives. They are available in various grades. ■ Has superior wear resistance. Demonstrates outstanding resistance against abrasive wear caused by dust and coarse mating surface, in particular. ■ Has rubber elasticity and fl exibility, superior impact resistance, and large vibration-proof and noise suppressing eff ects. ■ Has superior cold resistance, weather resistance and ozone resistance. ■ Injection-molded and can be made in complicated shapes. Has superior heat resistance and chemical resistance. Usable in a vacuum. The Oiles Aramid M series are formed heat-resistant engineering plastic products made of aromatic polyamide (meta-aramid). The Oiles Aramid F1 series are an improved series of the Oiles Aramid M. They inherit the heat resistance and high hardness from the Oiles Aramid M series and feature improved wear resistance and low friction characteristics necessary for bearings. ■ Has superior heat resistance, mechanical characteristics, and electric insulation. Easily machinable. ■ Has superior performance such as radiant ray resistance, chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, fi re resistance, no gas production in a vacuum, etc. ■ The standard products in various ball shapes and materials for machining are available. :Standard products :Material products :Custom-made products :Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act of Japan :Conductive :Lead-free