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PLASTIC BEARINGS 50 Selection Guide Product Information Plastic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Metallic Bearing Air Bearings Technical Slide Shifter Information Corporate Profi le Oiles Fiberfl on TR  Multi-layer polytetrafl uoroethylene plastic bearings P.129 Oiles 470-02/02W  Carbon fi ber composite bearings for underwater use P.131 Has superior coeffi cient of friction under high-load, lowspeed conditions. The Oiles Fiberflon TR series are self-lubricating bearings, which consist of woven and especially plastic-processed polytetrafl uoroethylene (PTFE) fi bers and other fi bers on the friction surfaces so that they demonstrate the highest performance with plastic, metal and other backing materials. ■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Offers superior performance under high-load, low-speed conditions. ■ Demonstrates the low coeffi cient of friction of the PTFE plastic as is. ■ The slide surface is made of cross-woven fabric hardened with plastic to improve cold fl ow, disadvantage of PTFE, remarkably. ■ May be used in water and seawater. Compression-molded bearings with superior wear resistance for underwater use The Oiles 470 bearings are made of reinforced base material mixed with carbon fi ber or woven fabric and special solid lubricant, which are formed by compression. ■ Has self-lubricating performance. Demonstrates low coefficient of friction and superior wear performance especially in water, chemicals, or oil. ■ Demonstrates superior wear performance and maintains stable performance even under abrasive conditions subject to soil, sand, foreign matter or rust on the mating parts. ■ A multi-layer type (470-02W), which incorporates 470-02 on the sliding surface and 250 or 425 as the backing material is also available. ■ The standard split metal for flocculators and bearing units are available on order. :Standard products :Material products :Custom-made products :Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act of Japan :Conductive :Lead-free Oiles Fiberfl on OH  Multi-layer polytetrafl uoroethylene plastic bearings P.130 Solve abrasive wear and adhesion under micro-motion without the need for lubrication. Fiberfl on OH can be used in a wide range of application. ■ This product can be used in air, water or seawater. ■ The friction characteristics do not deteriorate even if fat or oil adheres to the sliding surface of the bearing. ■ Thanks to the dual structure of the sliding layer and backing material (FRP:glass fiber), this product offers load bearing characteristics equivalent to those of metal bearings. ■ Easy dimensional setting due to a low swelling rate. ■ Machining on the inner surface is possible. This product is registered in the New Technology Information System (NETIS) managed by MLIT. Technology name : Solid-lubricant dispersed bearing FIBERFLON OH/ Registration No. : KT-130060-A (for water gates/underwater pumps) NEW