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Oiles PS Bearings Plastic sliding bearing units Feature Low coefficient of friction. Maintains smooth operating conditions. Features low torque variations when starting and stopping and prevents stick slips. Has unit structure that slides inside the bearing. Wear of the bearing and the wear characteristics are not affected by the material or surface conditions of the mating parts. Demonstrates superior sliding performance in intermittent and sliding operations. The whole bearing unit is made of plastic. Small, lightweight, and superior corrosion resistance. The standard products are available in various sizes. Service range Custom-made Allowable max. load W NokgfpAllowable max. revolution N S|o1 rpmp Allowable max. WN value NEs|o1 kgfErpmp Service temperature range 11,700`49,000 4.00`1.50o240`90p o1,194`5,000p 1,470`2,450 o9,000`15,000p |40`{80 Standard product Revolution NiƁ180j~ n N: revolution : oscillation angle n: oscillation cycle speed s|o1 rpmp s|o1 cpmp iNotesj The WN values are the products of the loads and revolutions in operation. In oscillating motion, the revolution N found using the conversion expression below must be not more than the @allowable maximum revolution. 11,700o1,194p 16,600o1,694p 19,600o2,000p 22,500o2,296p 41,100o4,194p 49,000o5,000p 1,470o 9,000p 1,630o 9,980p 1,790o10,959p 1,790o10,959p 2,450o15,000p 2,450o15,000p |40`{80 4.00o240p 3.50o210p 3.00o180p 2.50o150p 2.00o120p 1.50o 90p PST-163605 PST-204205 PST-254705 PST-305205 PST-406805 PST-507805 Service range Parts No. Allowable max. load W Service temperature range Nokgfp Allowable max. WN value NEs|o1 kgfErpmp Allowable max. revolution N s|o1 rpmp 79Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter