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Oiles 88-03 PBT bearings with fillers Feature Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Soft metal (such as aluminum) may be used as mating shafts. Features higher heat resistance than PE, POM, etc. Injection-molded and can be made in complicated shapes. Has good mass productivity. Soft metal such as aluminum alloy can be used as a mating shaft. Service range Lubrication condition Service temperature range Allowable max. pressure P N/mmo2 kgf/cm2p Allowable max. velocity V m/som/minp Allowable max. PV value N/mm2Em/sokgf/cm2Em/minp Dry |40`{120 9.81o100p 1.67o100p 0.327o200p The values shown above are typical values, not the standard values. Specific gravity Tensile strength Tensile elongation at break Flexural property Flexural modulus Modulus of compressive elasticity Hardness Izod impact strength (with notch) Water absorption rate Deflection temperature under load 1.82 MPa Co-efficient of linear expansion UL incombustibility ASTM D 792 ASTM D 638 ASTM D 638 ASTM D 790 ASTM D 790 ASTM D 695 ASTM D 695 ASTM D 785 ASTM D 256 ASTM D 256 ASTM D 648 ASTM D 696 UL94 Mechanical properties Compressive stress 1% deformation 10% deformation . MPaokgf/cm2p MPaokgf/cm2p MPaokgf/cm2p MPaokgf/cm2p MPaokgf/cm2p . J/mokgfcm/cmp ~10|5 |1 File No.E78113 1.27 49.6o505.8p 4.2 79.9o814.8p 2,578o26,288p 2,175o22,179p HRM72.5 27.7o2.8p 0.05 68 10`17 HB 22.8o232.5p 71.8o732.2p Best suited for aluminum shaft bearings!! 97Selection Guide Product Air Bearings Metallic Bearing Multi-layer Bearing Plastic Bearing Information Technical Corporate Profi le Information Slide Shifter