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OILES Compact Floating Cutter

During the scrap trimming process, our OCFC will prevent the burrs, chips and distortions which badly affects panel quality.

Product Name: OILES Compact Floating Cutter
Model Code: OCFC5A-ST4

• Basic performance
Initial Pressure less than 5kN
Stroke 4mm
Durability 500,000*

*Performance measurement is based on in-house test results. Durability performance under customer usage environments and conditions is not guaranteed.


    • No shearing time-lag in trimming process.
    No shearing time-lag in trimming process.
    • Installation space
    Applying a special viscous fluid for the pressure source, creates a compact unit size.
    • Reduced Design Time
    Spring design is eliminated due to the integrated pressure source.
    • Safety
    Provides safe operation and easy installation because it doesn't require initial pressure.


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