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Oiles 88 Elastomer

Polyester elastomer

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Engineering elastomer with superior vibration-proof and noise suppressing characteristics

The Oiles 88 elastomer series are engineering elastomer made of thermoplastic polyester elastomer with additive.


■ Among thermo-plastic elastomer, the Oiles 88 elastomer features superior high temperature characteristics and is applicable to wide temperature range from low to high temperatures.
■ Has superior wear resistance. Demonstrates outstanding resistance against abrasive wear caused by dust and coarse mating surface, in particular.
■ Has rubber elasticity and flexibility, superior impact resistance, and large vibration-proof and noise suppressing effects.
■ Features superior oil resistance, chemical resistance, and aging resistance among elastomer type flexible plastic.

For detailed product specifications, check with the electronic catalog.

Electronic catalog

It is written the service range, the test data, and the standard size table, etc.

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