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Oiles Glitron F

Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic bearings with filler

Superior chemical resistance. Applicable to wide temperature ranges.

The Oiles Glitron F series are self-lubricating bearings made of polytetrafluoroethylene plastic as the base material with added wear-resistant filler and solid lubricant.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry
Service temperature range
allowable max. contact pressure : P
allowable max. velocity : V
Allowable max. PV value


■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication completely. Features low static coefficient of friction when starting and causes no stick slips in operation.
■ Features wear resistance and maintain low coefficient of friction under high-speed conditions.
■ Applicable to wide temperature ranges from low to high temperatures.
■ Has superior chemical resistance. Conforms to the Food Sanitation Act.
■ Soft metal (such as aluminum) may be used as mating shafts.
■ Has superior cutting and machining characteristics.
■ Electrically conductive.

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