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Oiles Fiberflon TR

Multi-layer polytetrafluoroethylene plastic bearings

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Has superior coefficient of friction under high-load, lowspeed conditions.

The Oiles Fiberflon TR series are self-lubricating bearings, which consist of woven and especially plastic-processed polytetrafl uoroethylene (PTFE) fibers and other fibers on the friction surfaces so that they demonstrate the highest performance with plastic, metal and other backing materials.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry
Service temperature range
allowable max. contact pressure : P
allowable max. velocity : V
Allowable max. PV value


■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Offers superior performance under high-load, low-speed conditions.
■ Demonstrates the low coefficient of friction of the PTFE plastic as is.
■ The slide surface is made of cross-woven fabric hardened with plastic to improve cold fl ow, disadvantage of PTFE, remarkably.
■ May be used in water and seawater.

For detailed product specifications, check with the electronic catalog.

Electronic catalog

It is written the service range, the test data, and the standard size table, etc.

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