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OILES Fiberflon GH

Polyester bearings with fillers

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Bearings delivering a new sense of performance using new materials!!

Introducing a new bearing developed using resin that has minimal moisture and water absorption as well as superior dimensional stability, combined with a special fi ller to achieve excellent frictional performance.

Service range
Lubrication conditions Dry
Service temperature range
allowable max. contact pressure : P
allowable max. velocity : V
Allowable max. PV value


◎ Longer operating life.
80% reduction in swelling rate (compared to Oiles phenolic bearing 425)
The low swelling characteristic means a smaller initial clearance can be used
during applications underwater or in moist environments, which results in a
longer operating life.

◎ Lightweight.
80% reduction in weight (compared to copper alloy bearings)
Much lighter in weight compared to metallic bearings, with easier assembly work.

◎ Self-lubricating.
Replacing oil lubricated copper alloy bearings with Fiberfl on GH allows for
selflubricating specifi cations, which means cleaner operation and less maintenance.

• Replacing metallic bearings also eliminates the need for initial application of
grease, prevents corrosion caused by contact between diff erent metals, and
many more advantages.
• Also available in large diameters and plate shapes.

Application examples

Water Turbine (Wicket Gate Bushings)

For detailed product specifications, check with the electronic catalog.

Electronic catalog

It is written the service range, the test data, etc.

OILES Fiberflon GH


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