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Short delivery
Dimensionally compatible with ball types

Sliding Linear Guides

Slide Shifter S Type Dimensionally Compatible with Ball Types

  • ROHS
  • ELV
  • Lead free

Sliding linear guides support linear motion by using OILES metal (bearing material) which has low friction and superior wear resistance.

● Dimensionally compatible with ball types

Dimensionally compatible with the major dimensions of ball-type linear guides.

● Short delivery

Short delivery is possible due to simple structures.

● Low friction

Sliding resistance is lower than that of previous products thanks to sealless specifications as well as the superior friction performance of OILES metal.

● Toughness

Usable even under a foreign-matter environment such as dust.

Product information

PDF files can be viewed or downloaded.

Order method, Dimension Table

Order method  * Pay attention to the combination of shift tables and guide rails.

Shift Table Rail
Compact type C-STC20 ―― C-GR20 – Length
Compact type C-STC25 ―― C-GR25 – Length
Compact type C-STC30 ―― C-GR30 – Length
Standard type R-STC30 ―― R-GR30 – Length
Standard flange type R-STF30 ―― R-GR30 – Length

Order examples:

In the case of 4 tables on 2 rails with C-STC20
for tables and a rail length of 520 mm

⇒ Order 4 units of C-STC20 and 2 units of C-GR20-520.

Dimension Table: Shift Table

Part No. Assembled state Shift table Applicable rail
Height Height Width Width Length Mounting hole Nipple Pull bolt Push bolt
TH H3 W2 TW*1 TL W1 L1 D1 H4 H1*2 H2 B1 B2
C-STC20 28 6 11.25 42 56 32 32 M5 - 8.5 7.5 M5 M8 C-GR20
C-STC25 33 6.8 14.25 48 56 35 35 M6 - 10 12.5 M5 M8 C-GR25
C-STC30 42 9.5 16 60 70 40 40 M8 - 6.5 13.5 M6 M10 C-GR30
R-STC30 45 9.5 16 60 70 40 40 M8 - 6.5 16.5 M6 M10 R-GR30
R-STF30 42 9.5 31 90 70 72 52 M10 10 - 9 M6 M10 R-GR30

*1 The TW dimension does not include the grease nipple. If the grease nipple interferes, remove it except during greasing operation.

*2 The H1 dimension is only for reference because a taper thread is used.

Dimension Table: Rail

Part No. RW1 RW2 RH A P D2 D3 D4
C-GR20 19.5*3 19.5 22 20 60 6.0 9.5 8.5
C-GR25 19.5*3 19.5 22 20 60 7.0 11.0 9.0
C-GR30 28 28 32 20 80 7.0 11.0 9.0
R-GR30 28 28 32 20 80 9.0 14.0 12.0

*3 Be careful because values are different from those for ball-type linear guides.

●Standard length

Below 1,000 mm. Use hex socket head bolts to fix.

Length mm220280340360400440460520580600640680700760820840880920940

1,000 mm or longer

Length mm10001080112011601240132013601400148016001640166017201800184018801960

Rail length can be customized with the maximum length up to 2,000 mm. In such a case, however, the “A” portion in the dimension table may be changed. For customized length, please contact the nearest sales office.

■Dimension compatibility with ball type linear guides

  • This product is designed to be dimensionally compatible with the major portions of ball-type linear guides.
    e.g.: Height in the assembled state (TH), width of shift tables (TW), mounting hole pitch of shift tables, mounting hole pitch of rails
  • However, please be aware that due to standardization with existing products and design limitation associated with the sliding type, some dimensions differ.
    e.g.: Width of rail mounting surface (RW1) --- It is “19.5” for C-GR20, while “20” for the ball-type linear guide.

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