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Corporate Chronology

Present the history up to the present day from the founding of Oiles Corporation.

Year History
1939 “Japan Oilless Bearing Research Laboratory” established by Sozo Kawasaki (1901-1977).
Production and sales of “Oilless Bearings” began.
1952 “Nippon Oilless Bearing Research and Development Co., Ltd.” established.
1958 Name of company changed to “Nippon Oiles Industry Co., Ltd.”
1962 Yamato Plant established in Kanagawa Pref.
Production and sales of “Oiles Bridge Bearings” began.
1966 Name of company changed to “Oiles Industry Co., Ltd.”
1967 Headquarters of company transferred to Fujisawa Plant, established in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref.
1970 Production and sales of “Oiles Drymet ST” began.
Shiga Plant established in Ritto City, Shiga Pref.
1971 Oiles 500SP successfully tested at Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Dept. of the Interior.
Production and Sales of “Cable Operator” began.
1973 Received Okochi Memorial Prize for Oiles 80.
1974 “Oiles Pipe Supports” utilized in construction of Trans-Alaska pipeline.
1976 “Oiles America Corporation” established in Michigan U.S.
1981 “Wear Plates” to General Motors, U.S. delivered.
1983 Oita Plant established in Oita Pref.
1986 Oiles America Corporation opened plant in Plymouth, MI.
1987 The earthquake isolation structured building for the first time in Japan completed in Fujisawa Plant.
1988 “Taiwan Oiles Industry Co.,Ltd.” established in Taiwan.
Invested in "Oiles Tribomet GmbH (Present name: Oiles Deutschland GmbH).
1989 Oiles stock registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association as over-the-counter registered stock.
1991 Oiles America Corporation MI plant relocated to Concord, NC.
1993 Ashikaga Plant established in Tochigi Pref.
Production and sales of “Oiles Floor Isolation System & Oiles Seismic Damping Wall” began.
1994 Oiles Corporation listed on the Second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1995 “Menshin Engineering Co., Ltd.” established.
1997 Oiles Corporation listed on the First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1998 “Shanghai Oiles Bearing Inc.” established in China.
1999 Oiles 500SP to Three Gorges Dam in China delivered.
2000 Oiles Cam Units to General Motors, U.S. delivered.
2002 “Oiles (Thailand) Company Limited” established in Thailand.
2003 “Oiles Czech Manufacturing s.r.o.” established in Czech.
2005 “Oiles Suzhou Corporation” established in China.
2011 “Oiles Self Lubricating Bearings Manufacturing Private Limited (Present name : Oiles India Private Limited)” established in India.
2013 “Oiles India Private Limited” plant established in Neemrana, Alwar district of Rajasthan, India.
2014 “Oiles ECO (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.” established in China.