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ISO Certification

ISO9001 certified

We have obtained ISO9001:2008 certification, the international standard for quality systems, as a measure of our strengthened company culture, which is the product of improvements to our quality assurance system.

Bearings Division
Registration number JSAQ239
Scope of registration The design, development, and production of Oiles seal bearings, Oiles metallic bearings, Oiles metallic bearing units, Oiles resin bearings, Oiles resin bearing units, Oiles multi-layer composite bearings, and Oiles multi-layer composite bearing units
Damping and Isolation Division
(vibration damping walls/BMD),
and friction vibration dampers.
Registration number JSAQ329
Scope of registration
For bridges
The design, production and sale of rubber bearings and anti-seismic equipment (BM-S).
For construction
The design, production, and sale of rubber bearings, elastic sliding bearings, spherical sliding bearings, and vibration dampers

ISO14001 certified

To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, our plants with production divisions have obtained ISO14001:2004 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.

Certified plants
  • Fujisawa plant (JSAE363)
  • Shiga plant (JSAE213)
  • Ashikaga plant (JSAE277)
  • Oita plant (JSAE342)