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Business Activities

The Oiles Corporation Group is focused on the following three core business areas: bearings, structural devices, and architectural devices.

【Bearings】 Bearing Division

Oiles bearings are environmentally friendly plain bearings that require either no lubrication, or a reduced frequency and amount of lubrication. They are widely used in various industrial machines, including automobiles.

【Structural devices】 Damping and Isolation Division

Seismic isolation and vibration control technologies protect human life, community property and urban functions from earthquakes. Seismic isolation and vibration control are technologies that have been developed by applying our tribology (friction, wear, and lubrication) technology, which has been cultivated through many years of research and development during Oiles bearing production.

【Architectural devices】 Oiles Eco Corporation

We are providing new value to the architectural device market, pursuing comfort and safety in residential environments, and contributing to the conservation of energy with technologies and services that use natural wind and solar.

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