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OILES Cable Damper
(Cable Type Vibration Control Device)

OILES Cable Damper uses the shearing resistance force of high viscosity fluid to damp the vibration of cables for the Cable-Stayed Bridges due to the wind.


  • A single unit of damper can respond to the dual in-plane/out-of-plane vibrations, and follow up the displacement of the position of damper implementation due to the variation of cable tension etc. as well.
  • The excellent vibration controlling performance will be effective from the very fine vibration amplitude smaller than 0.5 mm.
  • Presence of no seal, such as those used in the oil damper, will eliminate the change in performance due to friction or failure, maintaining the stable performance for damping the vibration.
  • The simple and compact structure will reduce the free movement owing to the mechanical contact or fitting, which provides the excellent durability and ease of maintenance and control.


OILES Cable Damper consists of the vibrating block attached to the cable and the main body filled with the viscous fluid attached to the bridge beams.

OILES SA-P Viscous Fluid

OILES SA-P viscous fluid is a high viscosity high polymer material with excellent performance of flame resistance, weather resistance, durability, and heat stability. It maintains the stable resistance without deterioration of viscosity after the repetitive shearing.

Performance Confirmation Test

A vibration test was conducted at Sakitama Bridge (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) for confirmation of the performance of the cable damper. As a result, an excellent vibration damping performance was confirmed at small amplitude in the range of half amplitude max. 1.0 – 2.0 mm. Furthermore, its effectiveness was confirmed in the range of amplitude under 0.5 mm as well.

Fig. Damping Free Vibration Wave (In-Plane Secondary Vibration)

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