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HPB (OILES Low Friction Sliding Bearing)

For Realizing Higher Anti-Seismic Performance, Higher Durability for Long Period, and Lower Cost of Construction

What is the Seismic Isolation/ Vibration Control Sliding System?


“A system which controls the behavior of the multi-span continuous bridge using the seismic isolation bearings and the vibration controlling dampers in the substructure within a specific span, with the seismic resistant structure in which the reduced generation of statically indeterminate force due to the variation of temperature etc. making use of the isolated upper and lower structures provided by the implementation of sliding bearings, located between the abutments, thereby not likely to fall down.”


  • No adjustment on horizontal displacement required at installation of post-slide.
  • Reduced influence of statically indeterminate force generated by the temperature variation on the resistance to the earthquake.
  • Reduced inertial force during an earthquake owing to the elongated period of bridge vibration.
  • The application of low friction sliding bearing for the bridge pier will allow the slimmer pier columns and foundation piles.
  • The application of seismic isolation bearing and vibration control damper will realize an excellent damping performance.

Mechanism of Seismic Isolation/ Vibration Control System

Seismic Isolation/ Vibration Control System is a combination of seismic isolation, sliding, and vibration control in a bridge.

Seismic Isolation:LRB Sliding:HPB Slow and large swing to pass the force. Vibration control:BM-S Reduced vibration by the added damping.Seismic Isolation/Vibration Control Sliding System.

Mechanism and Characteristics of OILES Low Friction Sliding Bearing (HPB)

Accept high contacting pressure and high speed

OILES low friction sliding bearing (HPB) adopts a low friction sliding material to meet the high contacting pressure and high speed that utilizes the bearing technology from the bearings, which are the main product of OILES,,.

OILES Low Friction Sliding Material (Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin) Details of Low Friction Sliding Material Aramid + PTFE fiber

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