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Large Scale Suspension Bridges

Various types of bearing products are adopted, such as the Large Bearing used to support the Large Scale Suspension Brides, as well as Cable Hanger Bearings.

  • A single unit of damper can respond to the dual mode of in-plane/out-of-plane vibrations, and follow up the displacement of the installed position of damper due to the variation of cable tension etc. as well.
  • The excellent performance will be effective from the very fine vibration amplitude smaller than 0.5 mm.
  • Presence of no seal, such as those used in oil damper will eliminate the change in performance due to friction or failure, maintaining the stable performance for damping the vibration.
  • The simple and compact structure will reduce the free movement due to the mechanical contact or fitting, which provides the excellent durability and ease of maintenance.

Practical Example of Suspension Bridge


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