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Seismic Isolation

Seismic Isolation Construction

Seismic Isolation Construction is presented

The Types of Seismic Isolation

Seismic Isolation is a method of construction to separate the building and the ground and install the seismic isolation device to prevent the transmission of the vibration of earthquake to maintain the safety of the building. Because of the damping of seismic force and transformation to a slow vibration, not only the building itself, but the inside of the building will be protected as well. The foundation isolation device will be arranged on the foundation of the building all the building will be isolated from seismic vibration.
The isolation device will be arranged on the columns in an intermediate story when there is not a large clearance at the boundary of the lot, and the higher floors than the isolation layer will be isolated from seismic vibration.

The conventional anti-seismic reinforcement was to add an anti-seismic wall to the building or to reinforce the column beam. On the other hand, the application of seismic isolation device (retrofit) is to increase the resistance to earthquake with the smallest possible modification to the building. This provides the various merits, such as to preserve the art of historical structure or the cultural treasures as it was in the original state or can apply the reinforcing work while using it.

The Seismic Isolation for Equipment is to separate the equipment/instrument or art from the floor of the building with Seismic Isolation Device to calm down the transmitted severe seismic movement, which is considered as an ideal countermeasure for protecting the social property or precious equipment/instrument such as the important cultural properties or art.


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List of Reference of Construction of Seismic Isolation

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