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Vibration Control

Vibration Control Construction

Vibration Control Construction is presented.

The Types of Vibration Control

Each building has the unique natural period in accordance with its rigidity and the magnitude, which decide the period of vibration in an earthquake or in the strong wind.
Vibration controlling devices will transform such vibration into a relative motion of the vibration controlling device to absorb the vibration energy of the generated resisting force.

Anti-Seismic Reinforcement (Retrofit)

The conventional anti-seismic reinforcement was to add an anti-seismic wall to the building or to reinforce the column beam. On the other hand, the application of vibration controlling device is to increase the resistance to earthquake with the smallest possible modification to the building. This provides the various merits, such as to preserve the art of historical structure or the cultural treasures as it was in the original sate, can apply the reinforcing work while using it, or the function of the building will not be deteriorated.

Anti-Seismic /Vibration Controlled Large Roofs

Anti-Seismic/Vibration Control device for large roofs will freely release the very slow extension/shrinkage, such as the deformation of the large space structures or the large roofs due to the weight or temperature variation. On the other hand, at the severe vibration due to the earthquake, the inertial force of the large roof will be dispersed to protect the structure.


FAQs for Vibration Control

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List of Reference of Construction of Vibration Control

FAQs for Vibration Control Presents the reference of construction of Vibration Control

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