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Difference of Seismic Isolation and Vibration Control

Difference of Various Methods

What is the Seismic Isolation?

Seismic Isolation is a method of construction to separate the building and the ground and install the seismic isolation device to prevent the transmission of the vibration of earthquake to maintain the safety of the building. The damping and transformation of the earthquake force to the slow vibration will protect not only the building itself, but the inside of the building as well.

What is the Vibration Control?

A high-rise building will severely swing in an earthquake or a strong wind, which will make it difficult to maintain the safety and habitability even if the building is not damaged. The vibration control structure is to depress the vibration of the earthquake or the strong wind using the attached vibration energy absorbing device on the building, which not only prevents the damage of building, but also protects the human safety and protects the equipment instrument and secures the habitability as well.

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