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Construction Method of Vibration Control

What is the Vibration Control Method?

Suppression of vibration is the key point for the application of Vibration Control

A high-rise building will severely swing in an earthquake or a strong wind, which will make it difficult to maintain the safety and habitability even if the building is not damaged. The Vibration Control structure is to depress the vibration of the earthquake or the strong wind using the attached vibration energy absorbing device on the building, which not only prevents the damage of building, but also protects the human safety and protects the equipment instrument and secures the habitability as well.

The Difference of Deformation Proportional to the Height of the Building with or without the Vibration Control Device

Each building has a unique natural period in relation to its rigidity or the magnitude, which makes it vibrate with that period in an earthquake or at a strong wind.

Vibration Controlling Wall will transform such vibration into the relative movement of Vibration Controlling Wall to absorb the vibration energy through the resistance force generated at that time.

The Image of Comparison of Vibration of Vibration Control and Anti-Seismic

The building built with the construction method of anti-seismic will have the larger amplitude of vibration at the upper stories, which may cause the more damage due to the falling of furniture or distress of interior finishing material.

The Construction Method of Vibration Control will depress the vibration with the function of Vibration Control Device to decrease the influence on the building and furniture.

Shearing Force in the Response Layer of Vibration Control Device

The Vibration Control Devices have been adopted for many a high-rise building which absorbs the severe vibration because of the close upped importance of earthquake safety measures for high-rise buildings after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995.

The installation of Vibration Control Device will decrease the shearing force in the response layer at a Level 2 earthquake (Intensity 6 plus – 7) lower than the limit elastic proof stress of the building, that increases the non-damage level of the building, and the security of human life and the function of the building.

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