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Seismic Isolation and Vibration Control Inquiry

Please use the following inquiry form if you have any questions and opinions related to seismic isolation and vibration control, however, be aware that depending on the nature of your inquiry, it may take some time in response or be declined to comment.

Consent to the Privacy PolicyMandatory

Handling of Personal  Information

OILES CORPORATION ("OILES") endeavors to safely and properly manage the personal information that you provided for us ("Personal Information") in accordance with the JAPANESE Act (the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information") and the "Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Laws Concerning Fields of Economy and Industry " announced by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc. as follows;

  • Upon collecting  Personal Information, OILES clarifies the utilization purpose of Personal Information ("Utilization Purpose"), and uses within the scope of the said purpose.
  • OILES does not provide Personal Information for third parties without your approval, provided, however that, except for the case that this policy and provisions of law allow.
  • OILES endeavors to instruct our employees in the proper handling of Personal Information, and takes steps for securing Personal Information against unauthorized computer Accesses, the risk of lost, destruction, falsification, leakage of Personal Information.

Personal Information held by OILES

"Personal Information held by OILES" means the information that may specify you or the original information for yourself: your address, name, telephone-number, E-mail address, place of employment, etc.

Acquisition of Personal Information

OILES notices that purposes and manners of acquisition of Personal Information in advance when you provided your Personal Information for us.
In the event that you do not look forward to provision of your Personal Information, you are likely not to be available of OILES’s website services.

Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

OILES uses the owning Personal Information for the following utilization purpose.

Type of Personal Information Utilization scope Utilization purpose
Inquiry for company information OILES For responses to inquiries;
Inquiry for products information OILES and OILES' affiliate company For deliveries of our products’ materials, guidance of our products/service, and contact for the response from you;
Recruitment Information OILES For guidance of recruitment information , and recruitment operation management;
Inquiry for customer OILES and OILES' affiliate company For contacts of business, deliveries of our products, after-sales-service relating to our products, guidance of our product/service, and contract management.

Disclosure of Personal Information to the third parties

OILES does not disclose Personal Information to the third parties without your consent. Provided, however, that the following cases are excluded.

  • Cases in which it is necessary for OILES to provide Personal Information for the company, that executed the non-disclosure agreement with OILES for cooperation, affiliation, and consignment of business activities, in order to execute Utilization Purposes that are defined to you;
  • Cases in which OILES uses jointly Personal Information with OILES’ affiliate company;
  • Cases in which OILES disclose Personal Information in a form that cannot identify an individual, such as statistical data;
  • Cases in which OILES is required to provide Personal Information under laws and regulations;
  • Cases in which the provision of Personal Information is necessary for protecting life, body, or property of an individual, and it is difficult for OILES to obtain your consent; and
  • Cases in which the provision of personal data is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government in executing the affairs prescribed by law and regulations and in which obtaining the consent of the person are likely to impede the execution of the affairs.

Inquiries for correcting, adding, or deleting of Personal Information

For the request on inquiries, correcting, adding, or deleting of Personal Information, and complaints on handling of personal Information, please contact OILES’ department that you provided your Personal Information with call, letter, or e-mail. We will contact you prerequisite matters (requisite documents for identification, etc.)

If you do not know our divisions for which you provided your Personal Information, or for inquiries about general handling of Personal Information, please contact us at "Inquiry Form" of this website, or at the following "Inquiries".


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Inquiries on Personal Information , Corporate Planning & Administrative Division, OILES corporation

Revised history

  • Settlement: October 1, 2003
  • revised: September 1, 2013

This Policy is executed in the Japanese language. Japanese is the governing language and any translation of this Policy into any other language is for convenience of reference only and does not bind the parties (you and OILES) hereto.

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Personal information provided by customers will be used to respond to customer inquiries, requests for catalogs, technical data and requests for drawing downloads. It may also be used for sales promotions.