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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Corporate Conduct Charter

The Oiles Group’s Corporate Conduct Charter

The Oiles Group shall comply with laws and ordinances and act in line with the following 10 principles following social ethics and sound judgment.

  1. We shall create safe products and services that meet the needs of our customers and help people enjoy comfortable and safe lives.
  2. We shall engage in fair, transparent, and open competition and appropriate business transactions, and we shall not pursue profits through unfair or improper means. We shall not engage in bribery in Japan or overseas.
  3. We shall properly manage corporate information and actively disclose it in a timely manner.
    We shall also fully protect and appropriately manage personal and customer information.
  4. We shall respect the human rights, diversity, identity, and individuality of all of our stakeholders and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment free from discrimination.
  5. We are actively committed to protecting the global environment.
  6. We shall actively strive to contribute to society and work broadly for the mutual benefit of society.
  7. We shall have no connections to antisocial forces or organizations that threaten the order or safety of society, and we shall steadfastly confront them.
  8. We shall comply with the laws of each country and region and respect various international norms, including human rights. Moreover, we shall build trust with our stakeholders and promote mutual development through management that takes the culture, customs, and interests of our stakeholders into consideration. We shall also strive to procure goods with due consideration for their impact on society and the environment.
  9. We shall properly safeguard the company’s assets, and we shall not use them for any purposes other than business or business-related activities.
  10. We shall strive to protect and respect intellectual property.