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Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Policy for Ensuring Diversity

The Oiles Group has positioned diversity as a key management strategy. To enable human resources with diverse backgrounds to exploit their capabilities fully, we will foster a dynamic corporate culture and inclusive working environment as the cornerstone for raising corporate value.

Targets for Ensuring Diversity & Progress Made

The Oiles Group has established targets for ensuring diversity (Diversity Targets) based on the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Corporate Governance Code principles. It is implementing initiatives to achieve those targets.

Female Employees

Oiles Corporation

Target Increase the ratio of new graduate female employees to around 30% because it is important to increase the percentage of female employees to ensure diversity in appointing managers*1.
Target Increase the ratio of female managers to around 3% by FY2025 and 5% or more by FY2030 through the promotion of diversity measures and other means. Also, increase the ratio of female employees in managerial positions and those qualified for managerial positions*2 to around 10% by FY2025.

*1 Managers are those who hold the rank of section manager or higher.
*2 Those qualified for managerial positions are those in a specific qualification category and are therefore qualified to be managers.

End of Mar. 2020 End of Mar. 2021 End of Mar. 2022
Ratio of female employees 11.5% 11.4% 11.6%
Ratio of female managers 0.7% 0.7% 1.9%
Apr. 2020 Apr. 2021 Apr. 2022
Ratio of females among new graduate hires
31.8% 6.3% 25.0%


Target Increase the ratio of female managers across the entire Group to around 10% by FY2030.
End of Mar. 2020 End of Mar. 2021 End of Mar. 2022
Ratio of female managers 5.5% 5.0% 5.4%
Overseas subsidiaries
Ratio of female managers
22.2% 22.2% 21.8%

Foreign Employees

Oiles Corporation

Target Increase the number of foreign employees and develop multiple managers and those qualified for managerial positions by FY2025, with a view to appointing managers in the future.
End of Mar. 2020 End of Mar. 2021 End of Mar. 2022
Number of foreign employees 6 6 6

Number of mid-career employees

Oiles Corporation

Target Increase the ratio of mid-career hires in management positions to 30-40% over the medium to long term.
End of Mar. 2020 End of Mar. 2021 End of Mar. 2022
Ratio of mid-career employees in management positions
37.8% 40.5% 40.0%

Promoting Women’s Participation and Advancement

We are implementing several initiatives to promote women’s participation and advancement. The Female Sales Unit and Female Engineer Unit were launched in 2020 and 2022, respectively, comprising female employees in the outside sales and engineering departments with low ratios of female employees.
The Female Sales Unit discussed ways to resolve difficulties in overcoming life events and balancing work with personal life. Concluding that a company-wide awareness change was necessary, they presented at an in-house event. They also tested the introduction of diverse work styles and are working to implement such a system.
Meanwhile, in addition to hiring more female graduates from the STEM fields, the Female Engineer Unit is also planning initiatives to raise interest in STEM among children.

The activities of these women’s units also offer opportunities for interaction between female employees in different departments, as well as solving problems in promoting female participation.

Promoting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities

As part of our diversity efforts, we support the work styles of people with disabilities and strive to improve our operations and working environment. With the goal of continuing to hire more people with disabilities than the statutory employment rate of 2.3%, we will promote the creation of a workplace that encourages respect for the individuality of people with disabilities and enables them to make the most of their characteristics. We will also increase our recruitment activities so that more people with disabilities can work vigorously at our company.