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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Molding Machines & Die Components

Molding machines

Injection molding machines

Used in toggle and tie bar bushings, injection unit rotation, movable plates, etc., to prevent wear, seizure, grease contamination, etc.

Toggle bushings:Oiles 500SP5-SL1 , Oiles 500HP-SL1, Oiles 500SPR-SL1
Tie bar bushings:Oiles 500SP1-SL1 , Oiles 2000 , Oiles 300
Ejector pin bushings:Oiles Drymet LF
Shoe units:Oiles 2000

Tire curing machines

The Oiles 2000T was developed as a bearing for containers used in tire curing machines. It has excellent wear resistance even under heavy loads and high temperatures, and it helps to extend the life of equipment.

Oiles 2000T, Oiles 2000M

Dies components

Plastic molds

When molding plastic injection-molded products with complex shapes, the core is slid from out of the mold, so its removal is not hampered and the product is released from the mold.
Smooth movement is achieved by using a slide core guide unit as the sliding mechanism.
Oiles Slide Core Guide Units are available in a wide range of types, including horizontal, angled, and those with non-adjustable-length inclined pins or auxiliary guide pins, and they can also accommodate long strokes through the use of special spacers and extension collars.

Press dies

The Oiles Compact Floating Cutter (OCFC) prevents chips, burrs, and warping that occur when simultaneously trimming and scrap cutting steel and aluminum plates.
Various other Oiles products are used in the sliding parts of press dies.
OCFC Video (Japanese):
OCFC Video (English):