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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Message from the President


In greeting

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their continued support.

Our predecessor, was established on March 11, 1952 and invented the first domestically produced wooden oilless bearing. Since then, we have introduced many technologies and products to the market with tribology technology for friction, wear and lubrication and damping technology for vibration control at the core.

TWe believe that the reason we have been trusted and highly regarded by our customers for over 70 years is because we have been able to solve their problems with our technology and have always been there for them. Our technology will continue to "change" and "evolve" in the future, and we will work even harder to solve social issues together with our customers.

Serve society through technology

Our corporate philosophy is "to become a world leader as a manufacturer of oil-less bearings and serve society through technology," and we have always aimed to embody this philosophy with the universal value of "serve society through technology" that has been passed on from the company's founder. The Group's business portfolio consists of three businesses: bearings, structural devices, and architectural devices.

Oil-less bearings, contribute to reducing environmental impact. For instance, lightweight and low-friction properties of oil-less bearings contribute to the long-distance running of EVs. Structural devices (seismic isolator and vibration control devices) that protect buildings and facilities from large earthquakes provide "safety and security" in earthquake-prone Japan, and also play an important role in addressing the aging of bridges, which has become an issue in the development of Japan's infrastructure.

In addition, architectural devices such as window operators provide "safety and security" and "comfort" to society in that they not only protect human life from smoke caused by fire, but also support building ventilation. The Group's three businesses contribute to the reduction of environmental impact by saving energy. Thus, the root of the Group's value creation lies in the fact that "all of our businesses contribute to solving social issues," and we believe that the realization of a sustainable society will lead to the sustainable enhancement of our corporate value.

Transforming social issues into corporate value

We have been providing society with safety, security, and comfort by pursuing our core technologies of "tribology technology" and "damping technology. Our three core businesses, bearings, structural devices, and architectural devices have grown while realizing our contribution to society. Even in the midst of a strong shift in consciousness toward a recycling-oriented society in order to realize a sustainable society, our products and services based on our core technologies are expected to contribute not only to our customers but also to society as a whole: in the case of bearings, to improve efficiency and extend service life by reducing friction; and in the case of structural devices, to protect buildings.

In order to respond to the rapidly changing times and society, we are not afraid of change and will continue to evolve our good traditions and core technologies to meet the challenges of the future.As a market-creating company, the Group's key values are to develop unique materials with the best performance and to provide technologies and products that innovatively solve customers' problems and make their products the world's first and best in the world. We will continue to think of technologies and services that can contribute to solving social issues, and we will continue to provide them, enhancing our corporate value as a company that is indispensable to society. We would like to thank you all for your continued support.


Yoshikazu Sakairi