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It all started with a small wooden bearing.


Hydroelectric power generation

Metallic bearings embedded with a solid lubricant that can be used underwater and composite plastic bearings with a high load capacity and a low degree of swelling are also available, so they can be used in acidic rivers where high corrosion resistance is required.

Sliding material for the main shaft seal, sealing packing: Oiles 470-02
Main bearing: Oiles Fiberflon OS
Guide vane bearings:Oiles Fiberflon GH, Oiles Fiberflon OH

Water turbine

inlet valve

Wind power generation

Wind turbine

It is used in the hydraulic blade pitch control system of wind turbines.
The angle of the blades of wind turbines are changed depending on wind conditions. The use of low-friction Oiles bearings enables precise control even with slight oscillations, helping to improve the efficiency of power generation.

Thermal power generation

Stoker furnace

Stoker furnaces used in incinerators at waste disposal facilities are stepped, with a movable fire grate and a fixed fire grate alternately arranged, in order to burn waste evenly.
Oiles bearings are used in the wheel, drive shaft linkage, and cylinder clevis on the movable fire grate that slides along the rail of the fixed fire grate.

Oiles 500AB-SL1, Oiles 500AB-SL2, Oiles 500F-SL1, Oiles 500F-SL2