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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Sliding Support with Rubber-pad, SSR

Excellent stability of performance realized by OILES sliding material that shows the performance of large deformation to a light load


  • Can be used for a light supporting load, will show the large deformation performance like the large size seismic isolation device.
  • Shows the wide range of effectiveness from small vibration to a severe earthquake.
  • Used in combination with the seismic isolation device, such as LRB and RB.


SSR is a multilayer natural rubber sliding type seismic isolation device, with the attached sliding material (OILES sliding material) on the multilayer natural rubber.

Function of Sliding Material and Laminated Rubber

When the amplitude is small, the seismic isolation effect is the same as the normal laminated rubber; when the amplitude is large, the sliding of the sliding material provides the large deformation performance same as the large size seismic isolation device.

Basic Characteristics

This graph shows the relation of force and displacement when the certain deformation is applied to the SSR, under the estimation of a severe earthquake. The design model and the actual measurement show a good match, proving the stable performance of SSR and high design precision. The restoration characteristics of SSR is indicated in the two lines (bi-linear model), which provides a simple modeling for structural analysis.