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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Construction & Farming Equipment

Construction equipment

Our products are self-lubricating, so they can be used for a prolonged period even in environments where a lubricating film has difficulty forming, such as reciprocating motion, oscillating motion, and frequent stops.

Oiles 83, Oiles 250, Oiles 80, Oiles 88, Oiles 50, Oiles Drymet LF, Oiles Toughmet, Oiles 500SP1-SL1, Oiles 500SP5-SL1, Oiles 500 Spherical Bearing, Oiles 2000


Truck bed cranes


Aerial work platforms

Dump trucks

Front end loaders

Hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pump with a piston and cradle

Farming equipment

Bearings are self-lubricating and can be used for long periods of time even in harsh environments with foreign matter, such as earth and sand.

Oiles Drymet LF, Oiles Drymet ST, Oiles 500SP1-SL1, Oiles 2000, Oiles 80, Oiles 480