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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Oiles Air Bearings

Wear coefficient of almost 0
The ultimate bearings

Oiles air bearings
integrate a unique porous sintered layer and metal backing into a single structure,
providing a self-lubricated bearing that is highly rigid and highly precise and that can withstand high speeds.

Features of Oiles air bearings

Has a coefficient of friction of almost 0

Zero friction/wear (coefficient of friction is almost zero)

  • No stick-slip, allowing ultra-high-precision positioning control
  • Maintenance-free, no debris (can be used in clean rooms)

02Reduces running costs

Unique porous sintering technology allows optimum adjustment. Highly rigid bearings can withstand heavy loads.

03Customizing performance

The performance of Oiles air bearings can be customized by adjusting the flow rate. We suggest the best customized performance to suit your conditions of use.

04Customized shape

The metal backing and sintered layer are integrated, simplifying processing and enabling economical production.

05Development support

These expensive bearings are special products, so we provide expert suggestions and support until you put the bearings to use.