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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Calculation of Service Life

Describes a method to calculate an estimated wear amount to estimate the service life of bearings based on the conditions such as a load, velocity, etc.

Service life of OILES bearing in designing them

Service life of Oiles bearings depends on application atmosphere and other relevant conditions. Below formula is determined from the relationship between the load and the sliding distance and should be regarded as rough standard for designing.

Assumed wear amount(mm) : W=K×P×V×T

Specific wear amount K mm/(N/mm2・m/s・hr){mm/(kgf/cm2・m/min・hr)}
Design pressure P N/mm2{kgf/cm2}
Sliding velocity V m/s{m/min}
Sliding hours T hr

* The specific wear amount refers to a bearing wear amount obtained in a bench test divided by a test load, test velocity and test time. It is specific to each bearing.

Specific wear rate depending on lubrication conditions

Lubrication conditions mm/(N/mm2・m/s・hr) mm/(kgf/cm2・m/min・hr)
Dry 3×10-3~6×10-4 1~5×10-6
Periodic lubrication 3×10-4~6×10-5 1~5×10-7
Oil lubrication 3×10-5~6×10-6 1~5×10-8

* This service life calculation formula has been introduced from a viewpoint that wear is proportional to a load and sliding distance. It does not include the effects of the “velocity and load,” “difference of the movement form,” “type of lubricant,” “clearance,” “surface roughness of the mating material,” and “mixture of foreign matter.”

* When you want to estimate the service life under the conditions closer to the actual machine, inquire to our office.