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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Oiles by the Numbers



Composition of sales: Bearing products: 70%, Structural devices: 18%, Architectural devices: 10%
Sizes of bearings produced: minimum bearing bore diameter: φ1, maximum bearing inner diameter: φ2,100

Bearing Products

Global market share  Oiles Bearings: 65% for rack bushings, Oiles Bearings: 52% for support yokes, 50% for automotive compressor bearings, 24% for strut bearings

*Rack bushings and support yokes: Parts that support the steering rack, which changes the direction of tires.
*Strut bearings: Parts that support a load and that allow the strut to pivot during steering.
*Car-mounted compressors: A gas compressor is essential for automotive air conditioning

Seismic Isolators and Vibration Control Devices

These products have led to many “firsts” in Japan and the world  1986: Japan’s first building seismically isolated using LRBs  1991: Japan’s first bridge seismically isolated using LRBs  2015: The world’s first seismically isolated tower

Human Resources

*1 As of March 31, 2023