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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Two-wheeled Vehicles



The chain slider is a component installed to prevent contact between the frame and the chain. Given that the chain must slide when caked with sand, mud, or dust, the slider is made of a material with excellent abrasion resistance, particularly in the event of contamination with dust or a rough adjoining surface. It displays high performance for a long period of time in harsh environments, both on-road and off-road. It also has rubber elasticity and flexibility, excellent impact resistance and noise suppression.


The use of bearing products with excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to foreign matter enables performance even in environments that often include dust and wind or rain. The Hiplast N can also be set to have a zero clearance with its unique method of mounting. This bearing prevents lever/pedal rattling and helps to improve the feel.

Exhaust valve


This gasket provides superior sealing durability compared to conventional gaskets and helps to improve emission performance. Various heat-resistant grades are available to suit the vehicle’s operating environment, and designs, including those of peripheral components, can be suggested.

Oiles 550


This bearing provides a rattle-free, quality feel for movable parts such as adjustable screens.
In addition to bushings, bearings of various shapes and dimensions can be manufactured.


Excellent corrosion resistance and resistance to foreign matter. The thin and lightweight bearing allows a compact design.


A thin, lightweight bushing allows the design of compact, complex steering mechanisms.