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It all started with a small wooden bearing.

Oiles is Everywhere You Look

Oiles’ products and services are actually found in many familiar places.
Oiles’ products are used everywhere, in the homes and cities where you live, as well as in your offices and factories. Here, we will describe Oiles products that enrich our everyday lives and society and that facilitate the evolution of various products and functions.

  • Automobiles
    Oiles bearings are used in a variety of components to help improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles by reducing friction and weight.

    Case study: Automobiles (an example)

  • Bicycles
    Bicycles are our daily mode of transportation, riding with the wind in our face. Oiles bearings are used in pedals and gears to ensure comfort and safety.

    Drymet LF (an example)

  • Train stations (trains)
    Train stations (trains)
    Oiles bearings are also used at the ticket gates that you often see. In fact, Oiles bearings are what prevent the “squeaking sound” from train couplings that people often used to hear.

    Case study: Infrastructure

  • Bridges
    Seismic isolators and Oiles bearings are used to protect against various shocks from sources such as typhoons, vehicle travel, and temperature changes as well as earthquakes.

    Products for bridges/LRBs (an example)

  • Monuments
    Oiles bearings are in fact being used in a monument.

    2000 (an example)

  • Buildings (condominiums)
    Buildings (condominiums)
    High-rise buildings are fiercely shaken by earthquakes. Seismic isolators and vibration control devices are used to reduce that shaking. In addition, smoke exhaust windows allow harmful smoke from a fire to escape and provide ventilation. Window Operators are also used as a device to easily open and close smoke exhaust windows in high places.

    Products for buildings/LRBs (an example)

  • ATM
    A number of Oiles bearings are used in places where you cannot see them, such as in the ATMs that hold your valuable money.

    Glitron SE (an example)

  • Mechanical parking systems
    Mechanical parking systems
    Because they can withstand wind and rain, Oiles bearings are also used in parking systems to load and unload cars.

    500SP1-SL1 (an example)

  • Printers
    A number of Oiles bearings are used in places that people may be unaware of, such as in printers that produce clear prints.

    Case study: Automated machinery & office equipment

  • Chairs
    A number of Oiles bearings are used in the reclining portions of the chairs that you often sit in.

    Drymet LF (an example)

  • Ice machines
    Ice machines
    Oiles bearings are also used in the machines that make the ice that is often found in cold drinks.

    Fiberflon FW (an example)

  • Elevators
    Elevators facilitate mobility. Oiles bearings are also used in places like this.

    Drymet LF (an example)

  • Hospital beds
    Hospital beds
    Oiles bearings are used in beds with various functions that assist caregivers and that reduce the burden on the body.

    80 (an example)

  • Food machinery
    Food machinery
    Oiles bearings are also used in food machinery such as the machinery used to produce hygienic and healthy hospital meals.

    Glitron SF (an example)

  • Basements
    Hospitals are priority facilities in everyday life and during recovery from a disaster. A number of seismic isolators are used in the basements of those facilities to protect both the buildings and precious medical equipment.

    Products for buildings/LRBs (an example)

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    Oiles bearings are also used in various types of equipment to manufacture semiconductors, which are a staple of industry.

    Oiles air bearings (an example)

  • Testing equipment
    Testing equipment
    A number of Oiles bearings are also used in testing equipment to ensure safety and security.

    Oiles air bearings (an example)

  • Robots
    Oiles bearings are also used in robots used to automate factories and save manpower.

    2000 (an example)

  • Forklifts
    Forklifts are valuable aids in transporting large amounts of cargo. Oiles bearings are used in various parts of forklifts.

    83-90 (an example)

  • Cranes
    Oiles bearings are used in the supports of cranes that carry heavy loads.

    500SP5-SL1 (an example)

  • Skylights
    Top Lights are used in many ceilings. Hidden in the ceiling, this product can function as a ventilation and smoke exhaust system while also allowing soft light into the room.

    Top Light (an example)

  • Vacuum cleaners
    Vacuum cleaners
    Oiles bearings are used in the brushes that collect trash and in wheels.

    Glitron S (an example)

  • Bathroom sinks
    Bathroom sinks
    Oiles bearings are also quietly used in the bathroom sink where you see yourself in the mirror each day.

    80 (an example)

  • Windows
    Oiles bearings and BRIIL external blinds are used in windows to facilitate safe and comfortable lives.

    BRIIL (an example)

  • Dishwashers and dryers
    Dishwashers and dryers
    Oiles bearings are also used in dishwashers to help reduce the time required to do household chores.

    Glitron SE (an example)

  • Air conditioners
    Air conditioners
    An air conditioner is a necessity in every home. Oiles bearings are also used in places like this.

    Drymet LF (an example)

  • Water and sewage treatment facilities
    Water and sewage treatment facilities
    A number of Oiles bearings are also used in the machinery and equipment of public facilities that provide the basis for our lives.

    425 (an example)

  • Hydroelectric power generation
    Hydroelectric power generation
    Oiles bearings are used both for efficiency and also to prevent oil from leaking into water.

    Fiberflon GH (an example)

  • Wind power generation
    Wind power generation
    Oiles bearings are used in blades to change their angle depending on wind conditions in order to efficiently generate electricity.

    500 Spherical Bearings (an example)

  • Thermal power generation
    Thermal power generation
    Oiles bearings are used in equipment that pulverizes coal for efficient combustion.

    500AB-SL1 (an example)

  • Dams
    Oiles bearings are often used in the mechanisms needed to open and close heavy doors.

    500SP1-SL4 (an example)

  • Warehouses
    Warehouses are vital to logistics. Unseen seismic isolators continuously maintain logistics networks both during normal times and in the event of a disaster.

    Products for buildings/LRBs (an example)