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It all started with a small wooden bearing.


Dams and sluice gates

Our lineup includes metallic bearings embedded with a solid lubricant and composite plastic bearings with a low degree of swelling and a dispersed solid lubricant, both of which can be used underwater.

Oiles 500SP1-SL464, Oiles 500AB-SL464, Oiles Fiberflon GH, Oiles Fiberflon OH

Radial gates

Flap gates

Roller gates

Water and sewage treatment facilities

We have a lineup of bearings that have passed the immersion test in the Waterworks Act and that have a proven track record of use.

Oiles 500AB-SL464, Oiles 500SP1-SL464, Oiles 425, Oiles Fiberflon GH, Oiles Fiberflon OH, Oiles 470-02

Valves for water pipes

Sludge scraper

Slow mixer (flocculator)


Floating bridges

A swinging floating bridge is configured to swing on one of its supports, opening to allow a large vessel to pass through.
Oiles 500SP is used as the bearing for this swivel shaft. (Dimensions: φ2100 x φ2400 x L650)

Tower links/cable hangers

This bearing is used in the tower links and cable hangers of long suspension bridges exceeding 1,000 m in length.

Oiles 500SP1-SL4, Oiles 500SP5-SL4


Shield Tunneling machines

This bearing is used by domestic and foreign manufacturers of Shield Tunneling machines because of its high wear resistance in harsh environments with foreign matter such as earth and sand.


Railway cars

Oiles products are widely used in railway cars, both on Shinkansen and conventional lines, where a high level of safety is required.

Seat link


Brake mechanisms and railcar bogies


Railway turnouts (base plates)

This bearing is used in railway turnouts.
This bearing can perform switching 2 million times without lubrication, so maintenance work is greatly reduced and there is no environmental pollution caused by lubrication.

Oiles 2000R